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MS9520 and 9540 Voyager with Hands Free Stand

CAD180.00 each


Just plug in the USB interface cable (see available models below) into any PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and you're plug-and-play ready to scan barcodes into your favorite software application. Especially popular at Point Of Sale, in the library and as an inventory control scanner, with Keyboard Wedge cables, Metrologic Voyager will allow you to enter barcodes into your software application or database exactly as if you had typed them in via the keyboard.

MS9520 and 9540 Voyager with a futuristic design and advanced scanning system, is the most advanced single-line, hand-held bar code scanner on the market today.

The Voyager MS9540 features Metrologic’s proprietary CodeGate technology. CodeGate is an intuitive scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications, including menu-scanning, Point-of-Sale, document processing, and inventory, just to name a few.

CodeGate works hand-in-hand with Metrologic’s patented automatic-triggering scheme. Simply present a bar code to the scanner; the high-visibility, 650-nm laser is automatically activated allowing the user to easily select the bar code to be scanned. Press the CodeGate button and the data is transmitted to the host system.

Equipped with both In-Stand and Out-of-Stand operation, Voyager can be used as both a hand-held and fixed projection scanner. Voyager automatically senses when it is placed in the stand and de-activates the CodeGate button.


  • Auto-trigger with CodeGate
  • Both hand-held and fixed projection 
  • PowerLink, user-replaceable cables
  • Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility
  • MetroSetTM & MetroSelectTM configuration
  • Bits ‘n’ PiecesTM data editing
  • Includes adjustable stand
  • Short-range and long-range activation
  • MetrOPOSTMcompatible
  • EMI rating of Class B

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