A simple & flexible Point Of Sale for your business.

Hundreds of easy to use features available at your fingertips. Completely track and manage payments for your various sales channels. Combine your in-store sales with your online store.

Track Progress

Running and printing reports can be time consuming. So many keyboard functions, menus and sub-menus to remember.

eQuate POS is so easy to navigate and use, the daily reporting will be a snap! Simply go to the reporting menu and select the report or function you want. Running and exporting a report is easy with eQuate POS. Even if your business is completely online, you'll still love the easy to use and convienent reporting features of eQuate POS!
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Customer Management

Happy Customers

Anyone who has worked in retail can tell you, it's not always easy to find a customer in the system. They change their surnames, addresses and phone numbers, making finding them time consuming, or impossible. Sometimes they end up with multiple accounts for the same reason, or maybe the POS system was too complicated for the employee to learn all the functions.

eQuate POS has made customer search and management a breeze. There are no keyboard functions to memorize, and anyone can learn in minutes how to search a customer.
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Payment Integration

Integrate with various hardware terminals to accept payments in-store.

Calendars & Schedules

Log important activities or schedule your employees using eQuate. Employees can check easily check schedules.

Ticket System

Track external and internal issues using eQuate's powerful ticketing system.

Time Tracking

Complete your payroll process in seconds with eQuate's ability to track and log employee hours.

Multi Store

Run mulitple stores from one centralized location. Combine all of your sales into once easy to use Dashboard.

User Management

Our user management interface allows you to secure your Point Of Sale.

What Our Customers Say

Nicholas L.
Retail, Electronics
The point of sale is extremely reliable and my new employees are easily trained within a day or two of working with it.
Kelly T.
Retail, Sporting Goods
When compared to others available on the market, this software was an easy buy for us!
Daniel S.
Retail, Electronics
A highly versatile Point Of Sale that easily integrates my store with my online business.