Subscription Billing

Now you can offer a monthly subscription service to your customers. This is great for offering a monthly gift box, or mystery box collection, or even a reoccuring subscription to any of your products. eQuate POS allows you to bill your customers and collect payment easily.
  • Create monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions
  • Check past-due invoices and collect
  • Automatic e-mails and invoices sent to your customers
  • Pro-rate invoices when the subscription changes
  • Automatically collect payments

Bill your customers with our Subscription Billing.

By using a payment gateway like Authorize.Net or Stripe, you can securely charge your customers on a reoccuring basis. Managing invoices and subscriptions is easy in eQuate POS.
Send a receipt or an invoice for each renewal to your customers.
Automatically generate e-mails to your customers if their invoice remains unpaid
You can offer your customers flexible payment terms like Net 30, Net 60 or even Net 7.

More Features

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Gift Cards & Loyalty

Easily redeem and create customer gift cards at the Point Of Sale. Enabling our Loyalty program creates recurring customers.
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Calendars & Schedules

Log important activities or schedule your employees using eQuate. Employees can check easily check schedules from the Point Of Sale.
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Employee Timecards

Complete your payroll process in seconds with eQuate Point Of Sale's ability to easily track and log employee hours.
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Inventory Management

Adjust stock values quickly, add new products, and transfer existing stock between stores. eQuate makes Inventory Management simple.
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Multi Store

Run your multi store operation from one centralized location. Combine all of your sales into one easy to use Dashboard.
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Purchase Management

Track your inventory purchasing easily, log business expenses, and automatically order new inventory for your store.
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Running and printing reports can be time consuming. Running and exporting a report is easy with eQuate Point Of Sale.
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Ticket System

Track external and internal issues using eQuate's powerful ticketing system. Avoid forgetting about previous commitments made to customers.
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User Management

Our user management interface allows you to record documents about employees, pay rate, start date and other important employee information.
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Perfect for large stores with multiple checkouts.

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Ideal for businesses with multiple stores & checkouts.

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