Account Credit

Account Credit can be used to provide customers a rebate on a refunded purchase at a later date, or provide a customer with a credit limit they can spend in-store and make payments towards. You can edit a customers credit limit by editing the customer profile in the Back Office. Account Credit can be used on Terminals during checkout process, or for Back Office subscriptions, or invoices.


Edit A Customers Credit Limit
  1. Navigate to the eQuate Back Office
  2. On the left navigation bar, click "Accounts", then click "Customers & Groups".
  3. Using the table, find the Customer row you want to edit and click "Action", then "Edit" (see Figure A).
  4. Click on the "Credit" tab on the left of the edit window.
  5. Adjust the "New Limit" input field and press "Save Changes" when complete (see Figure B).
Figure A

Use the Back Office to find the Customer entry.

Figure B

Use the left "Credit" menu to edit the New Limit for the Customer. Press "Save Changes" when complete.