Configuring Printer & Cash Drawer Settings

This guide assumes all of your hardware components are installed and in working order. If you need assistance with setting up your device drivers, please contact your IT support person, or hardware manufacturer. 



  1. In the Client - Navigate to Options, and then click on Printer Settings. (see Figure G)
  2. Set your desired preferences on this page.
  3. When you print for the first time, you will need to set the margins correctly:
    1. Navigate to your POS through the web browser (for Windows, go to http://localhost:8888/.
    2. Attempt to print a receipt from the Point Of Sale, at this time, a window should open and allow you to configure the browsers settings (which also changes the Point Of Sale settings). When complete, complete a test print, and exit Google Chrome.


Cash Drawer

  1. The cash drawer should be configured through your Printer settings. 
  2. In Windows, open up your Control Panel and find Printers.
  3. Right click on your Thermal printer, and go to Advanced Settings
  4. Look for "Open Cash Drawer Before Printing" and change to Enabled
  5. Click Apply

To use the Cash Drawer feature, you must have a supported Printer. The printer should support 5 pin (Printer to Cash Drawer) connection.


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