The Collections module allows you to view unpaid invoices quickly. When creating and invoice, you can also specify the terms of the invoice. When that term expires (past due), it will appear in the collections area.


  • Due On Receipt
    When the invoice is issued, payment is expected immediately. Pending invoices in this term type will not appear in the Collections area because it is assumed payment has been collected.
  • Custom
    Specify a custom date for when you expect the customer to remit payment. This will show in the Collections area if it has pasted the Custom date.
  • Net
    Net 7, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 are supported. The due date is generated based on the invoice date. These invoices will show in the Collections area if they remain unpaid past the due date.
  • Other
    COD (Cash on Delivery), End Of Month, Cash In Advance are all additional options you can set on invoices.