Introduction to Accounts

Customers records are an integral part of any business. Tracking customers allows you to easily pull up previous purchases, provide loyalty, track refunds, and much more. Customers can be added, disabled, or deleted. You can attach customer accounts to individual sales. You can also assign customers to a group. Groups can provide additional features like group discounts and other features.

You can also delete, add, and disable groups within the Back Office. Group discounts take priority over individual product discounts.


  • Customers
    You can add, delete, and edit customer profiles within the Customer area. You can also merge customer profiles, adjust loyalty and other customer functions.
  • Groups
    Customers can be assigned into a group. You can also set defined discounts for a specific group, as well as disabling/enabling loyalty.
  • Gift Cards
    Gift Cards are a great way to increase sales. Cards are purchased by the customer for use at a later date. You can also add balances to existing gift cards.
  • Subscriptions
    Automatically generate invoices for subscribers. These invoices can be set on a payment term, allowing you to run a subscription based business.