Introduction to Tools

eQuate POS comes with additional tools to help you manage your business. From scheduling employees to time tracking, you can get valuable information like labour rates, and more. The Calendar function allows you to schedule customer related events, like appointments & bookings. E-mail your customers in mass with the Mailings feature. You can also import and export data in mass using the Exports & Imports feature. Track customer issues with tickets, and create workgroups for easy access for staff to complete tickets and collaborate.


  • Calendars
    Schedule customer related events in the Calendar. Bookings & Appointment tracking with the ability to assign an event directly to a customer profile.  You can also schedule your employees by adding calendar events and assigning them to users.
  • Exports & Imports Advanced Users
    Make changes in bulk using the export/import feature. Download CSV templates, and mass import in a matter of seconds.
  • Timecards
    Track employee hours by using timecards. Employees can punch in when they arrive, and punch out when they leave. Allowing you to quickly run payroll.
  • Tickets & Workgroups
    Handle customer requests like a professional with your own ticketing system. Tickets allow you to track external or internal issues that need to be addressed. You can assign these to staff, or even customers.