Introduction to Invoicing

Creating invoices in eQuate POS is easy and can be done on the Terminal and in the Back Office. Invoices can also be e-mailed directly to your customers. Product sold by invoices will automatically have their stock deducted from their respective warehouse inventory bucket. 


  • Collections
    Quickly find out which invoices are beyond their terms. eQuate POS can manage Net 7, Net 10, Net 15, Net 30, Net 60, and Net 90. Invoices that are marked Due On Receipt will not be included in Collections.
  • Invoices
    Invoices are managed through the Back Office. Invoices can be created in the Terminal and Back Office. Invoices can also be e-mailed directly to customers, or exported as a PDF, or CSV.
  • Online Orders
    When eQuate POS is hooked up to your online store (Virtuemart, Prestashop) it will download online orders into the system. You will find your online orders seperated in this function.
  • Payments
    Collecting payments on invoices can be done within the Terminal, or Back Office. Payments can be modified in the Back Office.